3 Tips For Planting Grass From Seed On A Very Large Lot

If you live on an oversized lot, you may want a lush and beautiful green lawn, but fear that planting one yourself may be too difficult or expensive. Luckily, there are several things that you can do to ensure that your lawn grows in beautifully so you don't have to resort to purchasing very expensive sod. If you want to grow a lawn from seed on a very large plot of land, use the following tips:

Purchase Wholesale Grass Seed

When you plan to plant a very large lawn from seed, the last thing you should do is plan to buy smaller bags of seeds from a gardening center. In the long run, doing so can be very cost prohibitive. Your best bet is to find a company that sells wholesale grass seed in bulk. When you buy at wholesale prices, you can enjoy big savings. Retailers who specialize in selling wholesale grass seed in bulk often offer a large variety of seeds, so you can select the type of grass that is best suited for your climate and the type of soil that you have. When ordering your bulk wholesale grass seeds, don't forget to order a little bit extra to help ensure that you have enough for your project.

Overseed the Lawn Area

When it comes to planting an especially large lawn, it is typically better to use more grass seeds than less. Some grass seeds may never sprout because they are defective, and it is not uncommon for birds to swoop down to eat freshly laid grass seeds. If you have purchased bulk wholesale grass seeds, your best bet is to lay down an extra layer of seed in order to overseed the area where you want to grow grass. Doing this can help ensure that your grass grows in thick and uniformly, without any unsightly bare or thin areas. As the grass seeds begin to sprout, make sure that you use a high quality fertilizer to help promote growth.

Provide Ample Water

Grass seeds need a lot of water in order to sprout and grow, so make sure that you provide enough water for your large lawn area. Resist the urge to hold back on the amount of water that you use for the area, as that can just result in your lawn not growing in properly and your grass seeds will just go to waste. Using several sprinklers can make it much easier to ensure that the grass seeds get the right amount of water several times a day.