Three Advantages Of Using Livestock Scales In Your Farming Operations

Livestock scales have become an essential part of modern farming operations. It allows farmers to measure their herd performance and the maximum return on every animal. The data collected from monitoring their weight determines the productivity rates and how to make informed management decisions and choices that serve the farming operation. With that in mind, farmers often use livestock scales as a performance measure of production yields. For instance, they can be applied to estimate animal feed quantities, production, and efficiency, and they can measure herd growth, health, and nutrition. This blog shall expound more on the benefits of using livestock scales in your farming operations.

They Help Monitor Animal Health

Sick livestock often exhibits decreased weight gain, so you can easily detect unhealthy animals from the rest of the herd by monitoring their weight using livestock scales. Weighing an animal can allow you to notice even the slightest weight changes. A decrease in weight can prompt you to call a veterinarian to check the animal's health status. Depending on the diagnosis, the doctor can help you treat and avert any fatal illness that threatens the life of your livestock. It also eliminates the risk of disease spreading to other animals, effectively reducing herd losses.  

They Help in Making Smart Breeding Decisions

Livestock scales are necessary to weigh your farm animals before making any breeding decisions. Note that there are optimal weights for animals that can breed. For instance, research illustrates that if a regular cow weighs 1390lbs, the breeding heifer should weigh above 709 lbs. So, by regularly weighing your livestock, you can get the precise weight and make optimal decisions on the best breeding time. Weighing also allows you to select the best animal for breeding from the herd. Remember that you cannot only identify the right breeding animal or time by observing them.

They Help Measure Feed Conversion Rates

Cattle and other livestock thrive on animal feeds and water for survival. So, it is essential to use livestock scales regularly to monitor their weight gain or loss to calculate feed conversion rates. These rates help a farmer know the amount of feed required during each animal's growth cycle. If your cattle are experiencing weight loss, you should increase their feeds and vice versa. You can also use the feed conversion rates information to determine when there is a need to adjust or change their diet. You can avoid underfeeding or overfeeding the animals with unnecessary feeds. The feed conversion rates also allow the farmers to make informed decisions on maximizing profits in their farming business.

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