A Portable Cattle Chute

A portable cattle chute will come in handy when attending livestock events or taking your cattle to veterinarian appointments. A portable chute is easy to assemble and can be towed behind a vehicle. 

Portable Products

Portable cattle chutes offer a stress-free way to examine cattle, administer medication, or tag livestock. Portable chutes contain the same design elements as a permanent chute structure.

A portable chute is much smaller in size than a standard chute. This type of chute can make the occasions when your cattle will be on the road with you less demanding. Instead of needing to secure a pen that you can use to corral your livestock, you can simply load a cow or a bull into the portable chute.

Design Considerations

A portable chute contains a chute, an alleyway, and a crowding tub. Some basic units may not contain all three of the sections. When shopping for a portable chute, consider how much weight each chute model can hold.

Many portable products will contain a hydraulic system that is responsible for operating the chute. The hydraulic system will be in control of opening and closing each door that a portable chute contains.

The Tires And The Roof

The tires that are attached to a chute's axle will be road ready. Towable models are suited for being pulled down paved roadways and unpaved roadways.

A portable chute system will contain a rooftop. The fully-enclosed chute is designed to keep cattle cool and dry. The rooftop material will block the sun's UV rays and precipitation. Powder-coated metal is typically used as a roofing material on a portable chute.

Towing Requirements

When reviewing the portable cattle chute products that an agricultural supplier features, keep in mind that your vehicle will need to be equipped to tow the model that you ultimately purchase. Use the weight rating of a chute, plus the dimensions of a chute, to guide you in picking out a chute model that can safely be towed behind your vehicle.

If the vehicle that you will be using to transport the chute is not already equipped with a hitch, you will need to purchase one and have it installed. You may also want to invest in a duo trailer lock. This type of lock can be used to prevent the theft of your new chute system. A duo trailer lock is designed to be secured to both ends of a trailer hitch.

Contact a local cattle equipment supplier to learn more.