Compact Tractor Buying Basics

If you only own a small acreage as opposed to a farm, a tractor may seem like overkill. Although most people are only familiar with large farm-scale tractors, there are much smaller compact tractors that are sized perfectly for smaller properties. These compact tractors are larger than a riding lawn mower but are still small enough to maneuver easily.

Common Uses

You may not have large fields to turn over, but there are plenty of chores that a tractor can help with on a small acreage. The most obvious is to keep large lawns and pastures mowed down as necessary. Unlike riding lawnmowers, which are limited in uses and attachments, a small tractor can do anything the larger tractors do, just on a smaller scale. Turning over fields and gardens, moving snow, mowing culverts, baling hay, and planting are just a few tasks that these machines are made for.


Before choosing a tractor, consider two key elements: what are the main tasks you need it for, and how rough is the terrain on your acreage? Sticking to a key list of uses will help you avoid buying a bigger tractor than you need or can afford. Making sure that the tractor has the horsepower and maneuverability for your terrains ensures that the machine will perform as needed. Make sure any tractor you choose comes with four-wheel drive. On most small farms, the compact tractor is your only piece of large equipment, so you won't have anything else to use if it were to become stuck.

Maintenance Concerns

Just like any vehicle, your compact tractor will need periodic tune-ups and oil changes. You can perform these yourself or have the dealer tend to service. If you plan to handle maintenance tasks on your own, then fully research the model of tractor you are looking at to verify that the tasks are simple for the owner to do on their own. You will also need to park the tractor under a cover to ensure the longest life for the machine as possible. Choose a size that will easily fit into an existing barn, shed, or roof covering, or at least be willing and able to build an appropriate storage site.

Purchasing Options

You can find compact tractors on both the used and new markets. It's often better to buy from a dealer if you opt for used since you can be assured that the tractor was inspected before being listed. When buying used, verify that there is a warranty for any major issues that could be encountered.

Contact a compact tractor dealer in your area to learn more.