Add A Source Of Shade With These Tractor Parts

While many people own and operate tractors with cabs that are fully enclosed, this isn't the reality for everyone. If your tractor has an open design, you're well aware of the challenges of working on a hot, sunny day. When you're on your tractor in a field, there may be no source of shade in the vicinity — which is something that can make you hot and tired in just a short amount of time. Instead of trading in your tractor for a higher-end model that has an enclosed cab, one option is to buy the necessary parts and install a source of shade above your head. Here are some tractor parts that you'll need for this job.

Tractor Umbrella

In your situation, a source of shade will come in the form of a tractor umbrella. This device is available at many tractor part stores and comes in several different sizes. There are a few things to think about when you order a tractor umbrella. You want it to be large enough that it will provide shade for your seat and the area around it but not so large that it potentially obstructs your view of the field where you're working. You'll have a number of color options, so it's ideal to find an umbrella that will match the color of your tractor.

Umbrella Poles

To get your tractor umbrella into position, you'll need one or more umbrella poles. Evaluate the different options to choose a style that suits you. Some umbrellas work with just a single pole, while others require a set of two or more poles. You may find that a two-pole system offers more stability for the umbrella, especially if it's large and you often get high winds where you work. It's ideal to look for poles that are adjustable. This way, you can try the umbrella at a few different heights until you find a height that feels right.

Mounting Brackets

In order to complete the installation of your tractor umbrella, you'll need some mounting brackets. This hardware attaches to your tractor and is designed to hold the poles that will support the umbrella itself. The brackets will typically come with nuts, bolts, and other hardware that will allow you to install them easily. Together, all of these parts will combine to provide a welcome source of shade for you when you're on your tractor. Look for these and other parts at your local tractor part retailer.