Hydroponic Growing For Beginners

A hydroponic growing system is a controlled environment that provides plants with adequate nutrients, light, and oxygen. In place of soil and the possibility of encountering weed growth and destructive insects, a hydroponic growing system requires no soil and threats to young or mature plants will be kept to a minimum.

How A System Works

Traditional planting that relies upon soil and water requires the cultivation of land, an irrigation method, and occasional pest treatment measures and weed removal strategies. A hydroponic system utilizes water that contains nutrients and a pump.

Plants that are growing within a container or a tray will readily receive the sustenance that is necessary for healthy growth. Because a pump is used to circulate water throughout a system, water is continuously filtered and reused. 

Less waste makes hydroponic growing favorable to those who may live in arid climates. It may also benefit those who have a lot of crops growing and are accustomed to past issues with the high volume of water that was needed to hydrate a series of crops. Fortunately, a hydroponic system can consist of one container or a series of trays that are set up vertically. This type of growing system is suitable for use in both commercial and residential settings.

Where A System Can Be Used

A hydroponic system can be set up outdoors or indoors. For a climate that experiences fluctuations in temperature, an end-user may prefer to place a growing system inside of a greenhouse. If a series of crops are going to be planted in an agricultural setting, the size of the water pump that is included with a system will be important.

Large, powerful pumps will distribute multiple gallons of water per hour. If a home grower plans on planting a few different crops or flower varieties, a self-contained growing system that can be set up on a counter or a windowsill will be sufficient.

Some Additional Pointers

Growing systems can be purchased through an argricultural supplier. Growing materials are often used in conjunction with a system. These include gravel, moss, or similar stabilizing materials. If a growing material is selected, it can be added to the top of the tray.

The material will not hinder the water's ability to reach each plant's root system. With hydroponic growing, adequate lighting should be supplied. If plants will be growing indoors, LED lighting that is designed to aid the growth of plants can be utilized. For more information, contact a company that provides hydroponic growing systems.