What Are The Benefits Of Using Tree Spades?

While you can dig up a tree manually and transplant it to a new location, you can also mechanize this process by using a tree spade. How does a tree spade work? Why should you use one?

What Is A Tree Spade?

A tree spade is a mechanical cutting and lifting tool. You can use this attachment on tractors, loaders, trucks, and skid steers. Its primary job is to cut out trees without harming them and then to move and replant them somewhere else.

Spades typically have four arms that fold up together when the mechanism is closed. To use a spade, you position the arms around a tree ready for cutting. As the arms go down into the ground, they cut into the earth around the tree's trunk and then its roots. Once the spade is completely in the ground, you close it up around the root ball.

Once you get to this stage, you can start the lifting operation. The spade pulls up the tree with its roots intact. You then move the tree to its new home. Ideally, you'll have already worked on this ground with the tree spade to dig out a hole large enough to hold the tree. You then simply drop it into the ground to reposition it.

Why Use A Tree Spade?

You can dig up a tree and transplant it manually. However, this is a big job even if you're working on small trees.

You'll need a few people to dig a new hole for the tree in its new location. They then have to dig the tree up. They have to take extra care to dig around the root ball to avoid damaging it. You then have to find a way to pull the tree out of the ground and transport it to its new location. Again, if you don't take care here, you could seriously damage the root ball.

A tree spade makes this job a lot easier and faster. The spade does all the digging work in both locations. This tool can also pick the tree out of the ground, carry it safely and securely to its new planting spot, and then plant it again. You only need one person for this job.

Not every tree spade will work on every tree. These spades have size restrictions that affect the size of trees they can move. So, as you look at tree spades for sale, make sure to check their caliper measurements. These measurements tell you how big a tree a spade can transplant.

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