Things To Consider When Buying A New Tractor For Your Property

When you need a tractor for work on your property or a farming operation, there are some things you need to consider before making your final purchase. Tractor sales that offer several makes and models are an excellent place to start looking because it allows you to compare features, prices, and designs.

Tractor Sizes

There are so many different tractor sizes on the market that it is essential to determine what you need. Buying a large tractor that won't fit in places you need it is not beneficial, so for small properties or even big farms with small areas they need to work in, a smaller machine may be the better option. 

The same is true with large tractors for sale. If you need a tractor to rip or plow a fifty-acre field, you will need a machine with the power and size to pull the implements and equipment you need. When you visit a tractor dealer, discuss the kind of work you are doing, what models you may already be interested in, and what options they have on the lot for you to look over. 

Wheels And Tires

When considering tractors for sale at the dealership, you may also want to consider the wheels and tires on the machine. If you need to navigate between rows in a field, a set of narrow or row-crop tires can reduce the damage to the crops and make it possible to get into the field to spray or add fertilizer through the growing seasons. 

If the tractor you are considering is for a different task like cleaning animal pens or working around the property, you may not need narrow tires, and adding a wide tire can increase the traction and stability of the tractor. In some cases, rubber tracks are an excellent option that allows you to move in slippery or muddy areas more easily. 

Service And Repair

When buying a tractor, it is vital that you have support and service near you. The tractor dealership may have a mobile service option that can come to you and maintain things that you can't. A breakdown that requires you to bring a tractor to the dealer for repair can be a significant expense because unless you are using a very small machine, the tractor often requires towing on a flatbed or lowboy trailer. 

If the tractor can be fixed where it stopped, you can get it working more quickly, so the option for mobile service can be critical if your property is far away from the nearest town or tractor dealer.  

Contact a dealer in your area for more information about tractors for sale