Keys To Using A Laser Grading Machine For Construction Operations

One of the earliest stages of construction is ground preparation. It usually involves grading of some sort using laser grading equipment.  If you plan on using one around your own construction site, remember these protocols. 

Figure Out What Slope Tolerances Are Relevant

Before you start using a laser grading machine around an area where construction is taking place, you need to figure out what ideal slope to achieve at the end. Then you can focus on this detail the entire time until you've achieved the right slope tolerances.

You can start by thinking about why you're planning to grade land around a construction site in the first place. Maybe it's to achieve an even surface where optimal water drainage is provided. Once you map out this goal, you can identify the right slope tolerances and then keep using a laser grading machine until they're achieved.

Document Current Slope Conditions Using a Transmitter

Another thing you need to do before using a laser grading machine is use a transmitter to document the current slope conditions around the construction site being worked on. This transmitter will typically come in the form of a tripod, which you'll set up and subsequently scan all relevant sloping conditions.

Then the transmitter will communicate with the receiver on your laser grading machine, which will make the blades cut a certain way depending on what slope tolerances you outlined in the first step.

Have Professionals Sharpen Blades at the Right Intervals

An important maintenance step you'll need to take when using a laser grading machine around a construction site is keeping the blades sharp. As long as you do this, your grading machine will be able to achieve the perfect slope that you've deemed appropriate for a work site.

Just make sure you let a professional company carry out this blade sharpening because it needs to happen in a controlled way from start to finish. Professional companies will account for your blades' current sharpness level so that they know how long to treat the blades. They can test your laser grading machine's blades too after sharpening, making sure they perform optimally.

If you're planning to start using a laser grading machine around a construction site for convenient and impactful grading, it's important to know how to maximize this equipment. That's possible if you study how these grading machines are supposed to work and then dial them in properly before grading in real time.